Comfort Zone

This weekend was probably one of the best weekend trips of my life.

Friday, my roommate Anna and I headed to Wilmington, NC for a weekend of adventures (and a little adulting). Saturday was a big day for us both. I introduced Anna to the fangirl lifestyle and she introduced me to the country music side of fangirling.

It was definitely one of the best concerts/nights ever and I had so much fun, and I definitely would say it made me step out of my comfort zone more than just a little.

I’m used to sweltering hot concert days that leave you so sweaty hours before the opening act comes on. Saturday night was probably the windiest day I’ve had to endure. I was pretty sure the wind was going to blow over all the tents at the Azalea Festival, and the opening act said they had to make sure the back of the stage was secure from the wind. That was a little terrifying honestly, knowing that these pop-up stages have been catastrophic in the past. A beautiful concert venue right on the river, these gusts of wind weren’t exactly warm. Just a few outfit adjustments were needed (add a rain jacket) and when the concert finally began, the crowds of people surrounding us served as a nice buffer from the cold.

Saturday was also interesting because of the audience. I’m used to lots of intense screaming and girls everywhere. Chase Rice is pretty attractive himself, so there was not a lack of girls in the crowd. There were more males in attendance, however, and on average, a much older crowd.

Even without lots of screaming girls, some members of the audience were very annoying in their alcohol-induced state, which is apparently the norm at these country concerts. But once the music started, as with any show, I quickly forgot who was around me.

An added bonus: When Chase Rice first came out onstage with a blue cup, I freaked out and it was awesome.

I didn’t know every single word to every single song like I usually do when I fangirl hard at concerts, and Anna and I probably looked a little out of place since our rain jackets weren’t camouflage, but I definitely had an awesome time despite the differences. I’m glad I’ve become more of a country music fangirl, and I can now proudly say this definitely won’t be the last time you see me at a country show. Besides, Chase Rice is coming to UNC next weekend… you know where to find me then!




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