#fangirlfriday: Money

This week has been all about that fundraising, am I right?

You may have seen my recent post about Carolina For The Kids, and Thursday was a big day for another organization I’m involved in, the UNC Heelraisers Student Giving Council. We had our annual “Carolina Pride Day” event and it was a huge success! We also had Carolina blue cupcakes and they were delicious.

Anyway, to celebrate such a successful week in the world of student fundraising, I wrote lyrics from 5s0s’ song Money. Also, I had to show off my brand new sticker from fangirl design – it’s so beautiful and encompasses everything that I’m all about – lettering and fangirling!


This blog post features Starbucks, because after such a long week, you gotta treat yo self, right?

How do you treat yo self after a long week? Leave a comment below or tweet me!


One thought on “#fangirlfriday: Money

  1. Wow! It definitely sounds like the Starbucks was due 🙂 There’s nothing like a nice Oprah chai to get me through the day (or a hectic week…) Great post, Emily!


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