Take my money, take my keys

Yesterday was a huge day for Carolina for the Kids Foundation. Starting on Monday, we began a challenge to raise $50,000 in one day, and we raised $49,350.63. Amazing.

moneyFirst, a little background. CFTK is the largest student run nonprofit in the state of North Carolina, and all money we raise benefits the patients and families at UNC Children’s. We fundraise all year, and our efforts cumulate at our annual 24-hour Dance Marathon (which is in less than a month!). This means no sleeping or sitting for 24 hours FTK.

My freshman year, I dragged along my friends to sign up for this event, because I’d heard about it at other schools and it seemed like a really cool event. After the marathon that year, even though my muscles were sore and I was physically and emotionally drained, I knew I had been a part of something much greater than I had imagined. That year, we raised over $551,000 for the hospital, a number that I still can’t even comprehend.

After the marathon, a good friend encouraged me to become more involved and join a committee. She said I could do graphic design and I would meet some awesome people. She wasn’t wrong, and I’m so glad I took her advice. I joined the Publicity Committee doing graphic design, and met some of my best friends, even though I was terrified at first of what this all would entail. The marathon rolled around, and last year we raised over $570,000 FTK. Wow.

This year, I’m CFTK’s graphic design subchair, and I’ve loved every minute of it. For the #50k1day challenge, I was tasked with branding the campaign and creating graphics to go along with it. You can see them all below! I drew inspiration from this year’s marathon theme logo, keeping the black and white color scheme, dots, and even spotlights in the background.

The marathon is officially less than a month away, and I can’t wait! Read more about how you can personally get involved here.

Have you ever gone without sleeping or standing for 24+ hours? Leave a comment below or tweet me!




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