Branding Events

Recently, I’ve been making a lot of graphics for Carolina for the Kids events. Sometimes, it’s hard to find a concept or icon to use in designing, but I try to branch out if it’s possible and make each event unique. We have to create shareable images for all social media platforms, so it’s crucial that each design concept and idea can be easily re-formatted for different sizes.

Here are just a few different events I’ve created graphics for recently:

A Cappella Jam

a capella jam twitter3-01.png

This is probably one of my favorites. We really played up the pun with “jam” for these graphics, adding a jam jar into a picnic scene. I remember making this and starting with a red-and-white checkered “tablecloth,” but then I had to add diagonal lines to some squares to give it more depth.

Global Brigades Concert

global brigades twitter-01.png

When I heard of these graphics, I knew I would have to incorporate a world or globe somehow. I love this watercolor painted world image, and it serves as a nice colorful background image behind the text.



This week has been Motivator Recruitment Week for CFTK… so I repurposed graphics from Dancer Recruitment Week because the icons are just so versatile and useful. I think during DRW, the icons were instantly recognizable, so bringing them back for a similar week of recruitment was helpful to people recognizing our cause.

Do you have any tips for designing event branding and graphics? Leave a comment below or tweet me!


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