#fangirlfriday: Wildest Dreams

Happy #fangirlfriday!

Recently, I’ve been on a Taylor Swift kick. Her songs are so catchy, how can you not love them?

I’ve always been a T-Swizzle fan, even if not as obsessive as I am about my boys. Along with music, I think she sends a great message about being confident and just having fun with life. Also, she has some killer outfits, am I right?

Wildest Dreams might not be her latest single (I’m so excited for New Romantics!), it’s still such a great song. I wrote this using a Micron 08 pen, one of my trusty, go-to black pens.


And, since Taylor is all about being yourself, I’ve decided to stop obsessing over lettering and having amazingly perfect white backgrounds for lettering. If I only posted photos that were 100% perfect, I would never have anything to post! Also, purple is my favorite, and I love the pop of color in this!

What is your favorite Taylor song? Are you excited for New Romantics as the next single? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!



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