It’s #fangirlfriday!

Happy #fangirlfriday!

As you might have learned from my first blog post, I am a huge fangirl and I really like hand lettering. Fangirling is easy, but it’s not always easy to practice hand lettering as much as I’d like to, so I’m using this blog as an outlet to combine these two things by starting #fangirlfriday. Every Friday, I’ll post hand-lettered lyrics from an artist I’m currently (always?) fangirling over.

For the first #fangirlfriday post, I was inspired by this delicious cupcake I had somehow not eaten yet, my love for Joe Jonas, and my beautiful new Pentel Aquash Water Brush. I am still figuring out watercolor lettering, but this brush pen is amazing and I’m kicking myself for not buying one sooner!


As delicious as it was, I was unable to enjoy this (cup)cake literally by the ocean, but listening to the song is the next best thing!

Wanna hear about that time Joe Jonas and I went on a pizza date? Have a question? I’d love your feedback! Comment below or tweet me!


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